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Beautiful results

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From the day you fall in love with your wedding dress until the week of your wedding, you'll need alterations to ensure you get the very specific look you desire. When all eyes are on you, you'll look fabulous!

Love the way your wedding dress

looks and feels with our services

Do you need to make significant changes to your wedding dress? Let us help you to decide which changes to make so you get the results and the look you desire the most.

Let our team work with you for any needs

• Hemming

• Bodice work

• Undergarments

• Detail work

• Custom changes

We'll quickly handle all of your alteration needs

If you want competitive rates on tux rentals, custom suits or you need a bit of help with your formal dress, come in to speak to our team. You'll always get friendly professionals who want to work with you to get the results just right.

You can depend on us for formal wear

Give us a call today for an initial consultation for your wedding needs.

Call our team

Expect exceptional workmanship with our team. We're dedicated to our clients. On your special day, you need a company you can depend on for superior results.

Fast service available

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From tux rentals to Custom Suits, we can help the Groom and his Groom’s men achieve the look you desire.  All created and/or fitted by a level 6 tailor, you will be dressed to the nines for this very special day.  And pricing only gets better as the size of the group increases.  On your special day, you need a tailor you can depend on for superior results.  

Formal event wear Formal event wear Formal event wear